Setting up a PMO

Setting up a PMO

RBS Projects is entrusted with setting up intra-organizational Project Management Offices (PMOs), which are in charge of managing the company’s projects while implementing new methodologies and conducting organizational supervision.

According to all studies, companies that do not follow clear methodologies succeed only in 30% of their projects, compared with 90% among companies that follow systematic methodologies.

Senior project managers of RBS Projects carry out the establishment of PMOs in companies. These are experienced project managers.

It is vital to set up an intra-organizational PMO, considering the large number of organizations that fail to meet project schedules and budget, lack project management tools and fail to complete projects or meet their goals and objectives. This is evident among 68% of companies, with most failures occurring due to a lack of proficiency in project management methodologies and various management practices.


Why so many projects fail

Multiple projects or complex projects in a single company might fall between the cracks if managed by only one project manager.

Sometimes, due to lack of time or heavy workload, the project manager cannot handle all of them and at the same time be his/her own monitoring and control mechanism. Therefore, each company needs a project management office, a manager and a supervisor to oversee all the projects. This reduces the pressure on project managers and helps them work properly on multiple projects and commitments.

The PMO coordinates the management of all the projects in a company, maintains proper management that meets the required standards, and includes the following tasks:

Collecting data about each project, defining the tasks, devising a work plan, examining changes in the organization and their impact on the project; dividing the project into sub-sections, risk management, adopting appropriate methodologies for project implementation and risk management; bird’s-eye-view of all projects and their mutual impact on each other, monitoring, supervising and controlling all projects.


Need project management and supervision? A PMO is a must in every company

As stated, the PMO body in every company supports, leads and ensures the success of projects. The problem of many project managers is that they have no experience with PMOs and no one to guide them. Most companies maintain that the tools for project management are acquired on the job, but in reality, this is not the case. Studies have shown that independent learning of project management software, in a non-professional and uncontrolled manner, is inefficient and even wastes time and money.

The advantages of the PMO are clear – ongoing monitoring and planning, meeting project deadlines, reducing costs, enjoying a bird’s-eye-view of all projects and their progress, identifying failures during planning, flexibility in the face of changes or the impact of other projects.

The presence of a PMO results in more intelligent and planned management of the company’s projects vis-a-vis the company and its customers.