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Consulting Firm

Ever since the manufacturing, high-tech and business worlds began arranging their operations by project, many project management companies have been founded, providing services to organizations and companies in need.

The various services are intended to address the need for professional project managers and professional project management, including setting up a PMO body or executive board tasked with coordinating all projects in the organization and managing them under continuous methods, control and supervision.

RBS Projects is one of the top companies providing various project management services, including a preparation course for the PMP® certification exam, which it offers in conjunction with the Technion’s Haifa campus and the campus in Sarona, Tel Aviv.

Nowadays project management is considered a professional field that requires qualification, experience and knowledge relevant to project performance. RBS Projects provides this service to its customers in the form of outsourced project managers, as well as instruction and training of employees, and more.


Employee Training

RBS Projects conducts professional training for company employees, project managers and other figures within organizations and companies that are involved in or are members of the project management teams.

The training focuses on management issues in general and project management in particular, based on the methodologies of the PMBOK® GUIDE issued by the international Project Management Institute. In addition, the training includes various workshops that teach important management skills and cultivate the personal and professional skills required of each project manager.

Subjects include: various models of partnerships under different methods; risk management; monitoring and controlling strategic plans; integration and change management; managing content, time, budget; introduction to tenders, and more.


Outsourcing and Subcontracting

RBS Projects serves as the outsourced project management arm of many companies and organizations. The company’s senior project managers lend their knowledge and experience as they manage the organization’s projects, implementing methodologies, procedures, information systems, software and other tools and accessories required for advanced project management. The service is provided to companies that don’t have professional project managers or as assistance to existing project managers who need the support and guidance of experienced project managers or companies that are growing but lack resources.

Studies have shown that projects that utilize systematic methodologies have a 90% success rate compared with a 30% success rate among projects that don’t follow such methodologies.


Establishing a PMO within an organization

The PMO – project management office – is set up within an organization or company that runs complex projects or wishes to consolidate all its projects under one roof of planning, management and control.

The responsibilities and functions of a project management office vary according to the needs of each organization, but its main task is to serve as a planning and management arm in charge of the organization’s project activities. This system gathers all the professional knowledge in the field, with the aim of improving, streamlining, setting new standards and following project management methodologies, while implementing new methods, approaches, software and more.


What does the PMO do?

  • Devise and execute project work plans
  • Integrate between plans and projects
  • Plan and control schedules, conduct evaluations and identify problems
  • Plan project budget against revenues and costs
  • Manage the organization’s resources, in accordance with project priorities
  • Hold control meetings regarding change management and general supervision.
  • Prepare periodic status reports
  • Support, assist and train the organization’s project managers
  • Continuously monitor the progress of projects, identifying problems and finding solutions
  • Execute action plans against risk identification
  • Supervise the organization’s projects, their impact on each other and on decision-making.


PMBOK® and PMP® are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc