RBS Projects Ltd was founded by Shai Shragal and is a consulting and project management company.

Our accessibility has been implemented in accordance with Standard 35 of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Service) 2013, Level AA, subject to changes and adjustments made in the Israeli standard document.

Accessibility has been tested on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, and Edge.

Existing accessibility features on the website include:

  • Support for all standard browsers (such as Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla).
  • Site content is written in clear language and uses legible fonts.
  • The site structure is built with headings, paragraphs, and lists.
  • Navigation on the site is simple and easy, with available and clear menus.
  • Links on the site are clear and provide explanations of their destinations upon clicking.
  • Links at the beginning of the page allow skipping to the content.
  • Textual descriptions for images and icons for assistive technologies.
  • Site responsiveness for various screen resolutions.
  • Play and stop buttons for video galleries.
  • Implementation of ARIA landmarks to aid accurate interpretation of site content.
  • Accessible menus, forms, fields, header hierarchy, tab components, pop-up windows, and more.
  • Display adjustment on the site: Users can enlarge or reduce the site display by pressing “CTRL” and scrolling the mouse wheel together or using the “+” symbol for zooming in and the “-” symbol for zooming out. Each click will increase or decrease the screen by 10%.
  • Font size changes can be made using the accessibility menu found on the site.
  • Users without a mouse or unable to use one can navigate the site using the “TAB” key. Pressing the “Enter” key will activate the link highlighted by the cursor.
  • The site does not contain flashing, flickering, or moving content. In places where such content is found, users can stop them by standing on them and clicking the mouse or by navigating to them using the “TAB” key and pressing the “Enter” key.
  • Site adaptation for visual and auditory impairments, including basic screen magnifiers (resolution) and voice recognition software.
  • Accessibility features of operating systems’ voice recognition packages.
  • Access barriers:

The site management makes every effort to ensure that all displayed pages are accessible. However, there may be pages that have not been made accessible yet, or suitable technological solutions for their accessibility have not been found. Additionally, in external advertisements posted by businesses advertising on the site, the accessibility may not be complete or satisfactory.

Encountering a problem? We are here to help!

Accessibility Responsible Person Details: Name: Oren Shaior

Email: oran@rbsprojects.co.il

Phone: 0527337777