Project Management Software

Project Management Software

In the modern world, there is a wide range of project management programs designed to assist project managers. Such programs help project managers supervise and control projects, as well as assess the true state of every project in terms of schedule, budget and more.


A suitable project management program makes it is possible to monitor the progress of the project, identify problems or failures, take precautions to prevent further escalation and direct the project to success.


One of the major problems in project management is the failure to meet deadlines and budget overruns. When using project management software, any irregularity is likely to be detected immediately and addressed in real time.


Multiple projects or complex projects can easily lead to chaos. If a project manager is unable to verify the project’s condition at any given moment, the project is liable to fail or even shut down.

Project Management Information System (PMIS) – A must in any organization


Project management programs enable vital and fruitful cooperation between all parties involved in the project and with the customer. They can minimize human error, save time and resources, and alert about project weaknesses that require creative solutions.


With a suitable software, the project manager receives a bird’s-eye-view of the project that provides a clear image of the various stages, priorities, personnel, tasks and progress. Project management programs can be useful even for organizations that have only one project, and certainly for organizations running multiple projects, complex projects, and more.


Because there is a wide range of project management programs available today, it is very important to match the software to the type of tasks the project entails. The employees and managers of the organization must provide their consent to the implementation of the software.

Advantages of Project Management Software

  • Streamlining work, simplifying processes
  • Monitoring schedules
  • Monitoring budget
  • Bird’s-eye-view of all the tasks in the project
  • Understanding the stages of the project through constant monitoring
  • Identifying and detecting problems or failures
  • Immediate response to problems or failures
  • Helping the project management team work harmoniously
  • Enabling fruitful cooperation with customers
  • Allowing constant updates
  • Requiring clear methods to improve performance
  • Focusing and prioritization
  • Providing a true image of the project’s situation
  • Improving communication among project management personnel
  • Enabling transparent and real-time communication with the customer
  • Constant monitoring of the progress of the project
  • Allowing for changes and flexibility, based on the customer’s requirements and needs


Project management programs include, among other things: Google business tools and app, communication between project partners, cost-effective management, meeting deadlines; coordination between all parties, visual representation of projects, task and project management apps, employee management and responsibilities, deadlines, interface between tasks and position holders.


Some programs are suitable for small projects and businesses while others are intended for giant corporations in Israel and abroad. Some programs offer training for the relevant figures in the organization while others provide round-the-clock phone or email support. These programs vary in cost, and as noted, each one must be matched with the specific project of each organization.

The project managers at RBS Projects are proficient in a number of project management programs and even teach training courses on the MS-PROJECT.