Project Management Course

Project Management Course

RBS projects holds training courses for project managers in companies and organizations, as well as other figures in key positions who are involved in projects and require the relevant tools, methodologies and knowledge for project management.


In the dynamic and ever-changing business environment of the present, every project manager in an organization or company (large or small) has a profound impact on the business results of the company. This necessitates a shift in organizational culture and perception, the development of personal skills and the acquisition of a set of tools, knowledge, methodologies and work methods.


90% success rate for methodology-based project management


Most organizations are now aware that a significant portion of their resources and activities are invested in projects, whose success greatly depends on proper management. In light of this project-based business reality, research has shown that companies that don’t follow clear methodologies succeed only in 30% of their projects, whereas structured project management guided by methods, tools, methodologies and processes yields a 90% success rate.


Nowadays, project management in many organizations is based on institutionalized knowledge, sophisticated methods and tools that affect project performance. This is a key function in any organization that includes assembling a team of experts, setting a budget, monitoring the progress of the project and meeting deadlines, while complying with international standards that require structured methods of organization and conduct. Project managers are the ones who settle disputes, make decisions and lead the company to success.


The recent technological changes, especially in the hi-tech industry, as well as the global activity of many companies, have expanded the function of project managers. They now require an entire skillset of tools and strategies for complex operations. They are committed to managing projects successfully from start to finish. The project management course provides them with the necessary tools and improves their management, communication and organizational skills. It also teaches them how to initiate projects, implement concrete goals, examine and manage risks and opportunities, delegate of authority and coordinate with other parties in the project.


Project Management Course – Combination of Skills


The project management course is based on the various stages of the project’s life cycle, combining methodologies and practical aspects alike. It includes exercises and project management simulations. Based on our company’s experience, project managers must also acquire techniques and knowledge in leadership, management and employee motivation. Therefore, they must learn the fundamentals skills, methods, tools, methodologies and international standards in order to lead a project to success. All of these are taught in the courses our company offers to organizations and companies.

Who is the project management course intended for?


The project management course is intended for organizations and companies seeking to boost project performance by employing experienced and skilled project managers. The course provides the future project managers with tools and skills to implement critical processes, while developing the skills, creativity and leadership required for managing projects of any size. The course includes subjects such as: knowledge base for project management, characterization, project initiation, time and resource management, content definition, budgeting and actual management. Participants learn negotiation skills, project management software, risk management, change management, quality management and more.