About RBS Projects Ltd.

RBS Projects Ltd. was founded by Mr. Shay Shargal and is one of Israel’s premier project management consulting firms.

Based on its 3 decades of hands-on global experience, RBS Projects Ltd. offers its clients professional excellence and personal attention across the spectrum of project management. Among its services are: projects management execution, consulting, outsourcing and training, focusing on the assimilation of processes and professional project management tools and techniques.

RBS Projects Ltd. supports the top management of organizations, including Fortune 500 firms, in consolidating and implementing their business strategies through improving bottom-line business performance, building long-term excellence infrastructure and raising companies’ value.

Our added value and competitive advantage is lots of invaluable ‘hands on’ experience in global and large scale organizations, all over the world, highly professional experts and tremendous expertise in the Project Management and the Program Management fields.

RBS Projects Ltd. Values

  • Excellence

    RBS Projects is one of Israel’s premier project management consulting firms.

    We work according to the world’s leading and advanced PM approaches.

    We ensure constant updating in project management arena.

  • Customer First

    Our customers are the basis of our existence. We listen, learn and make a constant effort to understand their needs, in order to provide high quality, professional and unique solutions.

    The benefit of our customers is always our top priority. We will always present them with all the possible alternatives and assist them choose the best one.

    We add value to the customer at the “bottom line” level. The success of our customers is our success.

  • Integrity

    Reliability, trust and integrity form the basis of all our business conduct at RBS Projects.

    This maintains our reputation over time and thus we gain the trust of customers. We are committed to being honest, clear and having a high ethical standard with our customers.

  • Respect for the Individual

    Our employees are our most precious and important asset. Their preservation, promotion and professional development is at the top of our priorities.

    At RBS Projects we encourage initiative, curiosity, personal and professional development and mutual support of the various experts.