Project Management Studies

Project Management Studies

In today’s dynamic new business reality, every project manager has a major influence on the company’s business results.

Today project managers are required to have very strong personal qualities, such ​​leadership and negotiation skills, ability to motivate employees, and excellent interpersonal skills.

In addition, they must be capable of planning, fitting into an ever-changing dynamic work environment, making decisions, overcoming organizational barriers, and developing long-term relationships with key figures in the organization itself as well as its internal and external customers.

Up until a few years ago, project managers were not required to study the trade formally. Recent research that confirmed the success of projects managed by certified project managers has led many companies today to certify their project managers.

Since we are a “global village” and a “flat world,” with exciting business and commercial opportunities overseas, a saturated market and fierce business competition, companies must meet the high standards required for the success of each project. There is no room for “mediocrity” or unprofessionalism, and having an employee who is not a certified and/or trained project manager can cause a project to fail and result in economic loss.


Companies can no longer promote projects by unskilled workers who lack the required knowledge and training. Therefore, RBS Projects holds in-house project management courses for companies, and has also built one of the most professional and high-quality project management courses in existence.


Project management studies – RBS Projects

Many studies prove that the main factor that determines the success (or failure) of a project beyond the personal qualities required of a project manager is also his/her knowledge and training in project management.

Project management requires creative thinking, ability to see the overall picture, understanding of the needs of the organization, attentiveness to the customer’s requirements and optimal adjustment of the project to the goals and objectives.

All this is taught in project management courses. These studies are taught through frontal lectures, theoretical material, conversations and simulations. Each participant starts an independent project and implements the methods and methodologies he/she has acquired during project management studies.


Project Management Studies – Syllabus Example

  • Various project management methodologies
  • Introduction to project management
  • Processes in project management
  • Integration management
  • Scope management
  • Schedule management
  • Quality management
  • Cost management
  • Communication management
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholders management
  • Procurement management
  • Ethical issues
  •  Integrative practice
  •  Agile


Each project has its own needs and objectives. Project management studies are meant to impart knowledge, information and insights, which will help each participant manage projects of various kinds: infrastructure, high-tech and more.

RBS Projects holds its Project Management studies at the Technion’s Haifa campus or the campus in Sharona, Tel Aviv.

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