PMO Course – To Companies And Organizations

PMO Course – To Companies And Organizations

RBS Projects established up Project Management Offices (PMOs) within companies and organizations. The PMO is set up to ensure the intelligent and economical management of multiple projects within a company that involve a large number of parties and stakeholders, or few yet complex projects.


Many organizations already understand the utility and necessity of establishing a PMO, as well as the need for smart management of several projects simultaneously and proper allocation of resources.

The PMO process focuses on managing the right projects, filtering and prioritizing them in accordance with the organization’s business goals and objectives.

The PMO builds a project portfolio best suited for the organization’s agenda, while identifying clear trends of strategic advantage against competitors, utilizing resources and maximizing the output of each project.


The PMO has many names…

The PMO system can vary depending on the company, and even have different names, such as: Enterprise Project Management Office; Project Planning and Control Unit; Director of Projects Department; VP of Projects; Organizational Projects Office; Excellence Center for Project Management, etc. Some information system companies call it the OCIO (Office of the Chief Information Officer).


RBS Projects provides consulting services to companies and organizations and establishes PMOs for them based on their target audience, needs, goals and more. The structure and contents of the PMO are selected accordingly as well. However, the even the fixed structure will change once every few years, maintaining flexibility in the face of changes in organizational structure, goals, projects, and more. The PMO course trains project managers to handle control processes and schedules. This enables project managers to focus on their role and lead the project to success.


PMO – Not one size fits all

Projects tend to suffers from a number of typical maladies, such as: failure to meet budgets, contents and timetables of projects, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important to set up an effective PMO within each organization. However, bear in mind that a PMO is not a “one size fits all” system since there are many variables, depending on the organization.  Therefore, every organization must define the function of its own PMO, including interfaces, management routine, content, priorities, success indicators, and more.


PMO Course with RBS Projects

RBS Projects holds in-house PMO courses for organizations and companies, in close cooperation with them. In preparation for the course, RBS Projects conducts a needs assessment and accordingly develops a plan that provides the Company with a comprehensive solution.


The PMO course teaches project management tools and methods, as well as new methodologies, approaches and concepts that boost project performance. The course includes a variety of topics, such as:


  • Project life cycle
  • Proper indicator structure for project control panel
  • Risk management processes and lessons learned
  • Analysis of successful PMO functions
  • Predicting abnormal processes
  • Creative solutions to problems during a project
  • Integration
  • Intra-organizational marketing
  • Working with multiple parties
  • Using management support tools
  • Introduction to project management
  • Organizations and the function of the PMO
  • Soft skills
  • Managing time, resources and more