Project Management Office

Project Management Office

Project management is part of management science. A project is defined as a task that has a specific purpose of producing a unique product, outcome, or service. It is conducted under a framework of content, time and budget. In order for a project to succeed, it is necessary to apply knowledge, tools, management methods, personal skills and more.

A project management office or project management company provide project management services to companies and organizations in the most professional manner, using innovative and advanced management methodologies and techniques.

When it comes to multiple projects within a company, the project management office might also set up an internal “management and supervision” body in charge of managing, supervising and monitoring all the company’s projects and supporting its project managers.

A project management office also provides in-house training for novice and advanced project managers or anyone involved in or affected by the project. The training is based on project management methodologies, software, risk management and more.


Examples of Various Projects

RBS Projects provides “Project Management Office” services, the following cases:

  •  Implementation or acquisition of information systems
  • Development of new service or product
  • Introduction of work method or change in organizational structure
  • Setting up infrastructure for construction, factory, agricultural project and more
  • Implementing procedures or business processes
  • Devising training system
  • Developing new drug
  • Risk management


Leading Projects to Success!

Recent studies suggest an increase in success rates of projects, but also reveal that 44% of projects teeter between success and failure. The known reasons for project failure include: inadequate planning, insufficient content, lack of resources, rigidity, inability to adapt to changes in the organization and more. The project management office can lead projects to success and save companies time and budget.

When a project management office steps in, you can rest assured that your project will be managed successfully; that the resources, budget and schedule will be managed properly; and that the stakeholders will be satisfied.

A project management office prepares the project, incorporates between plans and projects, identifies problems and conducts evaluations, while controlling and updating schedules, planning the budget against revenues and costs, preparing periodic status reports, holding change management and control meetings, managing resources, assisting and supporting project managers, monitoring project progress and risk management.

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