Initiating and Setting Up a PMO

Initiating and Setting Up a PMO

Setting up a PMO – the body in charge of managing the company’s projects. This process is one of the services provided by RBS Projects.

Intended for organizations and companies in need of a body that will support the project managers and institute a clear methodology for all of the company’s projects, based on the structure of the organization and the needs and requirements of each project.

Consolidating all projects under their wing, the PMO’s managers will have a bird’s-eye-view of the company’s projects and be able to set priorities, manage the project managers of each project and perform many other tasks that will enable the company to supervise, monitor, conduct comparisons and make decisions, especially in the case of multiple projects running simultaneously.


Nowadays every organization needs a PMO…

In a competitive world like today, in which almost every organization and company performs many tasks can be defined as projects, there is a real need for a system of management, supervision and control. This stems mainly from the ills that afflict any project, such as the failure to meet deadlines, content or budget goals, and more. Sometimes the flops are so great that there is no choice but to shut down the project and announce its failure.

The PMO, tasked with managing the company’s projects in an orderly and professional manner, has a broad perspective of the situation in each project. It is also familiar with the project managers in charge, their management method, their performance during the various tasks and stages of the project, and so on.

If necessary, the PMO often supports project managers by directing changes in projects and decision-making processes, showing flexibility and making adjustments that advance the project until its completion. Another advantage of the PMO is the fact that it consolidates all the projects under its supervision – providing a clear picture of the mutual impact projects have on one other. This allows the company or organization to acting accordingly.


Function of the PMO

A project management office is needed in any organization or company running multiple or complex projects. In addition, this body is I charge of ongoing supervision of projects. This reduces the chances that certain aspects will fall between the crack” and cause other failures that can hinder the progress of the project. In addition, this body is tasked with devising project management concepts and methodologies, adjusting them to each specific project and its objectives. An effective PMO can make changes to projects, discover and address problems, display vital flexibility in crisis situations, and make the right decisions for the project and the customer. Organizations with a PMO boast higher project success rates, improved efficiency, while meeting timetables and budgets and achieving goals. All this thanks to the assistance provided by the PMO to the company’s project managers.


Monitoring and controlling several PMO projects

Many organizations today realize the importance of professional project management. Nevertheless, a multiplicity of projects can often cause significant delays and overshooting of budgets and contents. In such cases, the PMO can devise a process for managing a project portfolio. This will create a hierarchy of projects, prioritizing and adjusting them to the organization’s strategy, in order to streamline its outputs and achieve its goals.


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