Today more and more companies are using external project managers to run their projects. RBS Projects is one of Israel’s leading companies in project management and training. The company provides its clients with first-rate professionals and highly experienced specialists. Project management done by external experts often turns out to be much more efficient and even financially profitable than setting up a new project management office that requires the recruitment and training of professional personnel.

RBS Projects has extensive experience in managing projects for some of the largest companies and organizations in the market. We have gained a lot of experience with financial entities, health care providers, high tech companies, and more.

The company also provides in-house training for project managers and Project Manager Professional (PMP®) certification courses at the Technion’s Haifa and Sarona campuses.


What kind of projects can we help you with?

  • Implementation of changes and innovations in work methods or organizational structures.
  • Development of new service or product.
  • Development and implementation of information systems, software and more.
  • Construction of factories, transportation infrastructure, information systems projects, agricultural projects and more.
  • Development and implementation of new business processes.
  • Construction and implementation of training systems for the purpose of providing services.
  • Planning advertising campaigns.
  • Establishing social projects for community outreach, education and more.
  • Implementing procedures in organizations and associations.


How project management can contribute to any company and organization

Project management is the management of a large, complex task that relies on a succession of planners and supervisors. It is actually a branch of management science that deals with the management of projects set within a defined framework of budget and time.

Its goal is to create a unique service, product or outcome by applying tools, methods, skills, and relevant knowledge. The ultimate goal is to manage a successful project after taking care of the following aspects ahead of time: setting content requirements; devising a comprehensive and complete plan; involving the users and senior management, and of course obtaining all the necessary resources.

Companies that hire our project managers do so due to insufficient knowledge and experience, inability to execute plans or monitor projects, and a lack of project managers in a given point in time. We are often asked to manage a project that got stuck, a project that is too complex, or a project that deviated from its original plan and is difficult to get back on track.

Project management companies employ project management experts, implementing new methods, knowledge and software, and thus manage to pick up and successfully complete any project.


Rescuing a stuck project – project management companies

A project needs to produce good, fast and quality products in a predetermined time frame.

Therefore, it must remain on track and function optimally. A failed project needs to be rescued like a huge truck stuck stranded on the side of the road. When it comes to projects, the causes of failure must be identified and corrected. There is a wide range of factors that can cause project failure. These include: Lack of coordination between project teams and among themselves, between suppliers and other entities in the company; lack of clear leadership in charge of the project, as well as a lack of proper change control; inadequate organizational structure, unclear acceptance criteria, multiple committees and unsuitable representatives; lack of proper structure for project management and more.


In this case, RBS Projects instructs its project managers to take a step back, identify the systemic factors that cause these problems, and treat the project as a new one rather than a failed one. A new perspective can breed a great deal of motivation and capacity, under this formulation and definition.


PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc


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